Closed PC Beta details, Dev update #3

October 8, 2018, Published by
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On Tuesday, October 9th we start our closed PC beta. The Beta will open and close at specified intervals throughout October. We do this to give us time to go through players opinions, analyze and make adjustments for future builds.

Here are the time-slots for when the closed beta will be available:

Part 1

  • PST 9th 10:00 – 10th 23:59
  • EST 9th 13:00 – 11th 03:00
  • CEST 9th 19:00 – 11th 09:00

Part 2

  • PST 12th 10:00 – 15th 09:00
  • EST 12th 13:00 – 15th 12:00
  • CEST 12th 19:00 – 15th 18:00

Part 3

  • PST 19th 10:00 – 22th 09:00
  • EST 19th 13:00 – 22th 12:00
  • CEST 19th 19:00 – 22th 18:00

To get guaranteed access to the closed PC beta, you can pre-order OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. Those who’ve pre-ordered the deluxe edition can even invite three friends.

For those of you who have pre-ordered the keys will become available in your Steam inventory just before the beta becomes available.

We will also have our third developer stream at 6 pm CEST tomorrow on Twitch, where we will go through the beta. Make sure you tune in! Keep a look-out on our social media channels for all the latest news, and join our community on Steam to discuss your player experience with us.

We are looking forward to finally seeing you guys in game!

/ The crew at Overkill