OTWD Season 2

The story continues… new threats lurk on the horizon and the survivors of Anderson’s group are faced with new challenges.

Enemy Of My Enemy

Appletown Organic was once a bustling grocery store for families and health nuts alike. Today, only empty shelves and danger await in its abandoned aisles.

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The gas station was a risk, but it paid off. We found an address that pointed us towards Appletown Organic. We’ll head out for some groceries, and follow our trail to the man who can lead us to Patterson. Walkers and the Brigade are filling up the aisles and we’ll be fighting with little space to spare. Stay sharp!

Appletown Organic was a cornerstone of the Georgetown community. Their mascot, Apple Andy was well-known across the city, his comforting smile and promises of pesticide-free, locally grown food guiding the masses into Appletown Organic. Today the supermarket is abandoned and the organic tomatoes have been replaced by hordes of the undead.

Apple Andy Welcomes You!