Maya Trailer

April 10, 2018 - Published by

Meet Maya, our second playable character from OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead.

Dev Diary #1

March 26, 2018 - Published by

Welcome to Georgetown! OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is full of different neighbourhoods, and Georgetown is one of them.

Interview w. Robert Kirkman & Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham

December 11, 2017 - Published by

As we’re developing OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, we’ve been working closely with Robert Kirkman. We interviewed him during our very first OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Stream: Prelude #1. Catch the the full segment here, with Robert Kirkman and Almir Listo interviewed by Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham.

Team introduction

December 10, 2017 - Published by

Here’s the team behind OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead who’s working hard to get the game into stores in Fall 2018. In this short segment, you’ll get to meet some of the people behind the game and get some insights on the work behind OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead.

Aidan Trailer

December 10, 2017 - Published by

A new cinematic trailer was released today for OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, the upcoming cooperative first-person shooter in development by OVERKILL – A Starbreeze Studio, together with its partners Skybound Entertainment and 505 Games. This video features Aidan, the first of the game’s four unique playable characters fighting to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world. Watch the trailer here: Inspired... View Post