OTWD Season 1

As you join the Anderson Camp, you will be part of a group of survivors and experience the challenges of an post apocalyptic Washington DC. The season will take you through 10 episodes where you’ll get to explore new areas of the city, meet new characters, go on expeditions to replenish your camp resources and find new weapons to add to your arsenal.


The struggle for survival may be our new routine, but each move we make brings us face to face with the unexpected. Just when we think we’ve found a place to call home, we realize that the fight for DC is just beginning and the walkers may not be the worst of our problems. We are thrown into a chaotic world with familiar enemies, new villains, and trusted allies who shape the course of our camp’s story.

S01E01 The First Shot

We must defend our camp from waves of walkers, led to our gates by a rival faction trying to sabotage our camp.

S01E02 Hell or High Water

In the last attack on our camp, the Family stole our water purifier. We need to get it back if we want to survive.

S01E03 Worse than Walkers

All actions have consequences, and the raid on the Family’s outpost to retrieve our water purifier leads to retaliation as they attack our camp.

S01E04 Listening In

Frustrated by the Family’s surprise attacks, we set out to steal a radio from one of their outposts.

S01E05 Open Season

Intel we’ve gathered from the Family’s radio shows suspicious activity at their main base.

S01E06 Home Sweet Home

A vicious enemy pays a visit to our camp with deadly repercussions for everyone involved.

S01E07 Last Stop

Running out of time and options, we take a dangerous path through the subways of DC.

S01E08 Doctor's Orders

A new ally provides a route to much needed supplies, but getting to them means facing a dangerous foe.

S01E09 At the Gates

Our enemies want to make an example out of us, but with a little preparation, we’re going to turn the tables on them.

S01E10 Join or Die

A rivalry between factions has become deeply personal, and we’re ready to take the fight to them.

Anderson Camp

Our camp in DC is a hub for survivors, allies, and friends. It isn’t just our home - it represents everything worth fighting for.


Expeditions are side missions where you get to do supply runs and bring in resources to your camp.

DC is always changing and adapting. Just because we clear out an area doesn’t mean it’ll stay safe for long. Each day new fights and challenges arise.


In OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, players are introduced to Aidan, Maya, Grant and Heather; four people brought together by necessity and the willingness to do whatever it takes to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world. Inspired by the rich story universe of Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novels, the characters of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead are canon to the universe.

Each playable character comes with a unique skill tree, squad role, play style and background story. They all share a common objective, where survival and teamwork is paramount. There are also two additional characters for players to find as you progress through the story.

Weapons & Mods

An arsenal of 50 weapons in varying states of rarity and quality have been left behind after the outbreak, offering everything from submachine guns and assault rifles to fire axes and machetes. More than 220 weapon attachments and modifications can be found and used to alter the weapon characteristics. Choose from suppressors, optics, laser sights, flashlights, barrels, stocks and more, all that in some way affect the performance of your weapon. Find and create your favorite combination, choose to take out enemies carefully with silent melee attacks, or go in guns blazing.