OTWD Season 2

The story continues… new threats lurk on the horizon and the survivors of Anderson’s group are faced with new challenges.

No Sanctuary

St. Luke’s Cathedral no longer holds redemption, only punishment and one sole deserter that might change the playing field.

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Sinners Beware

The main centerpiece in the area is St. Luke’s Cathedral. Once a place where people came for Sunday service and some peace and quiet - now a place controlled by the Brigade. A Brigade deserter is held captive inside and hopefully, he might hold valuable information. Information that might take you closer to the end of the Brigade.

Georgetown is different at night: the Italian restaurant and that townhouse that’s still intact can feel somewhat haunting. The neighbourhood is familiar though, with some shops and homes spread across the area. But don’t relax too much. Reaching St. Luke’s Cathedral won’t be easy. And even if entering the church seems easy, remember that you’re also supposed to survive inside.