S02E02 – On The Run

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We are happy to present the second episode to season 2 of Overkill’s The Walking Dead. This episode Included for all players who own the starter, standard and deluxe editions of the co-op multiplayer action game, in this second episode of season 2 – “On the Run” – players will get introduced to the location Accord Oil, including one story mission and their expeditions.



About On the Run:

The deserter that was saved from the church in episode 1 has started talking about a man that might take the survivors closer to Patterson. That man was last seen at an old Accord Oil gas station. Even though it’s controlled by the Brigade, the survivors head out, hoping to find clues to get them closer to the man. This is a truly versatile level, where strategy is key for survival. Approaching and entering the gas station can be done from almost every angle, adaptation and quick thinking are important if survivors are to finish the mission. It offers a total of four different ways of playing it, the story version and three additional expeditions where you’ll be tasked to venture back to further your group’s survival. 

On the Run is released on December 20th on Steam and will be free for all those who own any version of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead: Starter, Standard or Deluxe Edition.