OTWD Season 2

The story continues… new threats lurk on the horizon and the survivors of Anderson’s group are faced with new challenges.

On the Run

Accord Oil was once a place where commuters could take a break from the road and the gas was cheap. You can still find fuel here, but nowadays you pay with your life.

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The deserter was saved and his information points us towards the old gas station. We’re following the clues left behind by a man who can lead us straight to Patterson. You’ll have to fight the Brigade to follow up on the intel and hope the trail hasn’t gone cold. Or else it might not be worth it.

Accord Oil was once a heavily traveled stop in Georgetown. People came for gas and stayed for the food at the diner next door. You’ll join forces and take on the Brigade soldiers either head-on or with stealth tactics. Adaptation is key because there are different approaches into the gas station and threats might come from anywhere.

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